Strategic advisory

  • Stakeholder mapping and assessment
  • Engagement strategies and plans
  • Business intelligence - strategic opportunities
  • Business intelligence - country analysis, political analysis
  • Issues identification and strategic management

Sustainability advisory

  • Sustainability strategies
  • Sustainability reporting, including GRI
  • Sustainability road maps
  • Energy, water, resource assessments
  • HSE strategies, planning, assessments


  • Gap analysis for international standards, lenders, investors
  • Initial environmental & social assessments for project proponents or lenders
  • Environmental & social due diligence
  • Human rights assessments

Corporate projects

  • Development of corporate structures: reputation risk committees, corporate standards and procedures
  • Development of sustainability, communications, reputation teams
  • Performance analysis

Operational projects

  • Sustainability project management, including HSE
  • Internal/external communications projects
  • Community relations assessments and development of standards and grievance mechanisms
  • Training across reputation, engagement, sustainability and communications spectrum